Life & SportsSkills Development


If you can identify with any of the following statements, VIPERS is for you:

I would like my child to…

… improve his/her skills in one of the areas you offer.

… explore different areas or activities and/or learn more about himself/herself.

… learn how to succeed.

… have an outlet to express himself/herself verbally, physically, and/or creatively.

… develop self-awareness and learn to live a life of purpose.

… become better organized.

… learn how to finish what he/she starts.

… discover his/her inner strength and abilities.

… develop the ability to recover from setbacks.

… improve his/her persistence.

… develop critical thinking skills.

… improve his/her work ethic.

… believe in himself/herself.

My child…

… needs help developing his or her skill level in a particular area.

… is talented but I would like him/her to also have strong values and life skills.

… has not received the attention needed in other settings and programs.

… does better when he or she receives individual assistance.

… is shy and sometimes reluctant to come out of his/her shell.

… lacks the self-confidence needed to be at his/her best.

… needs to improve his/her ability to work with others.

… needs to improve his/her discipline.

… could benefit from some reinforcement of strong values and life skills.

… needs something positive to stay involved in and keep busy.

… needs to stay fit or improve physical fitness.

… could benefit from some guidance and mentorship.

… sometimes gives up too easily and needs more resilience.

… could really excel in life with the right guidance and positive reinforcement.

Let VIPERS help your child be his or her very best!!!

"Developing the potential in every child"


​​VIPERS stands for:

V​ i​ctory

I nvolves the

P reparation

E xecution and

R esilience to

S ucceed

Making your child's potential a reality

Who We Are

VIPERS is a sports & life skills development program that uses the sports children love to teach them how to succeed in life.  VIPERS is a division of Cra-Z-Dreams, a personal development organization.

​VIPERS believes that succeeding in anything requires one to plan, learn, and develop skills in advance (preparation); apply the strategy, knowledge and skills effectively (execution); and persist with confidence in the face of adversity (resilience).  We use the activities that children ages 5 to 18 enjoy to condition them to consistently apply these practices in life, developing the knowledge, character, and discipline necessary for growth in any area.Type your paragraph here.


VIPERS encourages children to realize their full potential by exploring their purpose and teaching them the core skills for success in life.  Our program builds life skills like self awareness, planning, discipline, character, confidence, and resilience in youth through team and individual sports.  We believe the qualities necessary to improve and excel in sports can be used to succeed in life and achieve one’s purpose.