​VIPERS Basketball encourages every child to realize his or her full potential by exploring their purpose and teaching them the core skills for success in life.  Our program builds life skills like self awareness, planning, discipline, character, confidence, and resilience in youth through group and individual basketball training and team play.  We believe the qualities necessary to improve and excel in basketball can be used to succeed in life and achieve one’s purpose.

Who We Are:

VIPERS Basketball is a life and basketball skills development program that utilizes basketball training techniques to teach children how to succeed in life.


​​VIPERS stands for:

V​ i​ctory

I nvolves the

P reparation

E xecution and

R esilience to

S ucceed

About Coach Clark

​I had my first experience coaching youth basketball about twenty years ago, and the fire burns even brighter today.  While living in Tampa, I had the pleasure of coaching high school basketball as an assistant varsity and head junior varsity coach, in addition to year-round developmental and competitive teams through the YMCA and Skills Center.  I have also conducted basketball skills training both one-on-one and in groups through VIPERS Basketball, and as part of Dream Center Tampa’s community outreach program.  I am happy about the chance to coach in the North Georgia area!

Coaching and mentoring kids is both my passion and my purpose.  I have coached the game of basketball with players from ages four to eighteen, served as a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and tutored middle school aged children with Partners in Learning.  I live to help children fulfill their life’s purpose with character by understanding, embracing, and realizing their own potential.  I believe we all have a God given purpose and that the world is a better place when everyone can fulfill that purpose in service to others.  This core belief is the foundation on which the VIPERS program stands. 

In all I have experienced with children along the way, what I have learned is this: mentorship through youth sports can change lives.  Sports can either be used to tear kids down or build them up.  I’ve seen coaches who inspire kids to greater heights, and others who crush their confidence in ways that take years to heal, if ever.  Coaches and parents can either make their kids feel insecure, ashamed, and isolated, or confident, proud, and supported.  Lacking the wisdom to understand the true value of individuality, what kids want more than anything is acceptance and to know they belong.  To belong, kids will sometimes change their behaviors, their values, and even their personalities.  As coaches, we have the chance to create a sense of family and community where children can belong to something positive that builds character by molding them into people of principle, integrity, honor, and courage.  Time and time again I have seen kids with no confidence who could barely catch or dribble become assertive basketball players who can significantly impact games.  I have also seen gifted athIetes improve their fundamentals, court awareness, team play, and leadership skills.  I am honored to have the opportunity to influence our youth in such a positive way.

Growth requires knowledge, character, and discipline.

Parent Comments

I first met Coach Clark at a local YMCA here is Tampa.  I was there to do some training with my son but I didn't know where to start, Coach Clark asked me if my son Diante wanted to join him in the drills that he was doing with other players that were on his team.  Diante joined the training with Coach Clark and from that day forward Diante has fallen in love with the game of basketball.  Coach Clark is the best coach that Diante has had in any organization he's played for, Coach Clark treats all the kids as if they were his own.  He instilled values that extend far beyond the basketball court, it was a really sad day when Coach Clark moved to Georgia because we lost a really great coach and person but only in the physical sense.  Coach Clark often calls and checks on Diante to see how is doing in school and life in general he is a genuine person and is great at what he does.  Whenever Diante accomplished something he instinctively says Dad I have to call Coach Jon and let him know what he accomplished.  If there was a way to have my son go to Georgia to play for Coach Jon Clark I would do it without a doubt because, I know my son will will be with someone who cares about Diante as a person first that's very rare to find in a person let a lone a basketball coach.  Most coaches that I've run into only care about what a child can bring to their program, Coach Clark wants the child to improve as a player.  Coach Clark you are truly missed and loved here in Tampa.  VIPERS for life!  -- D. Hollis


We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Coach Clark for several years and having him coach our son in during a critical time in his development. In addition to having a thorough knowledge of basketball, Coach Clark clearly understands that coaching basketball is as much about teaching life skills as it is teaching kids the fundamentals of a game. Coach Clark is patient, calm and strategic and he quickly assesses the level of each player’s skill and basketball knowledge then coaches to that player’s levels. He learns what motivates his players and uses that to help them reach their full potential. He is a positive role model, a motivating mentor and he has a keen ability to intertwine lessons in basketball with life skills, sportsmanship, citizenship and spirituality. Coach Clark is still an extremely important person in my son’s life, even though we’re in Tampa and he’s in Atlanta, and we feel blessed to have him as such a positive impact on our son – and to call him a friend. – The Allens


Coach Clark always lead by example with his players, showing great leadership, sportsmanship, and patience when teaching the fundamentals of the game of basketball. My son Gregory is a better player and person because of the care and mentoring of Coach Clark. I would highly recommend Coach Clark to lead his basketball program with the upmost integrity and leadership. – The Batehams



I'm a mother of four kids whom are very involved in sports.  Two of my boys were blessed with a very good coach. My boys and I enjoyed the three seasons of  the VIPERS basketball team with Jonathan Clark.  They learned so much and especially in basketball. They learned how to strive for their goals and to not give up in the sport that they truly love. Me as a mother not only met this coach as someone who coaches to coach but he coaches because he loves what he does and the kids he gets to work with. That's something that you can see from him as you get to know and meet him. For sure, that's a coach that my boys and me will never forget. Knowing the way he treated his kids that he coached and the passion he had towards the sport he will always have that in him. Thank you coach for being a great experience in my boys life!!!  -- A. Bermudez



Coach Clark, today Leo and I were talking about you.  We really miss you and the games are not the same.  He definitely has improved a lot, but still a lot of work to do and a lot to improve more.  Sometimes he wants to be lazy and quit, but we don’t let him.  He remembers you and that motivates him.  Hopefully everything is good with you guys over there.  Florida misses you, your wife, and your son a lot.  – M. Gonzalez

VIPERS Basketball believes that succeeding in anything requires one to plan, learn, and develop skills in advance (preparation); apply the strategy, knowledge and skills effectively (execution); and persist with confidence in the face of adversity (resilience).  We use the game of basketball to condition our players to consistently apply these practices in life, developing the knowledge, character, and discipline necessary for growth in any area.  VIPERS training is intense and, though our focus is bigger than basketball, we work hard and expect each and every player to stretch beyond any perceived limitations.  Players should be prepared to push themselves and be their best!


VIPERS offers the following services to basketball players ages 5 to 18, from beginner to competitive levels:

-- V.I.P.-ers Individual Skills Development

-- Group Skills Development

-- Team Play

For additional information, including pricing and scheduling, please contact Coach Clark at 678-231-9795 or jonathan.clark@vipers4life.com.

"Developing the potential in every child"

In addition to helping children who love basketball and want to improve or play competitively, VIPERS Basketball training can help kids grow and improve their…

Cooperativeness (working with others)
Critical thinking
Physical conditioning


Developing the potential in every player

Life & SportsSkills Development