"Developing the potential in every child"

Life & SportsSkills Development

VIPERS is a sports training and life skills development program of Cra-Z-Dreams, a personal development organization. VIPERS uses sports training and competition to teach children ages 5 to 18 how to succeed in LIFE. Our focus is to instill and develop strong character and skills within our kids that build confidence and maximize success in any area.  Do you want your kids to get the most out of themselves in life as well as in sports?  Let VIPERS prepare your kids to be their best!

Do you implement the plans you create?  Do you stick with your strategies under pressure, giving them the best chance to succeed?  Can you recognize when you need a new approach and do you know how and when to change it? Plans without proper execution are useless. As Nike says, "Just do it."


Making your child's potential a reality

Other Life Skills Programs (Non-sports)

Have you researched?  Did you study or practice enough? What is your goal?  How will you achieve it? Are you mentally, physically, and spiritually ready? Preparation is key to accomplishing any endeavor.  Be ready.


How do you handle challenges?  Do setbacks discourage you or motivate you?  When your absolute best falls short of the desired result, what do you do? Adversity can be strong enough to throw you or grow you.  Don't run from it, learn from it.